Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together some commonly asked Questions to give you more information about Traviyo!!!

We are innovative travel technology and travel Software Company which helps you to organize, automate and centralize the operations of your travel agency with advanced technology so that you can manage your travel business with ease.

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Yes, we will. You need to share us the hotel and the targeted destination our package team will upload package for you which will be an additional costing for per package uploading.

We will just help you to connect with multiple DMC, but there is no direct support that we can provide we are neither a DMC nor a B2B travel company.

Yes, with an additional billing we will provide you self-hosting for both your website and ERP system.

TraviYo ALL IN ONE Bundle to helps you to Take Your Business an Extra Mile Every Day

  • Domain: YES!
  • Hosting: YES!
  • Business Email: YES!
  • Website: YES!
  • Booking Engine: YES!
  • Sales Automation: YES!
  • Itinerary Builder: YES!
  • Payment Scheduler: YES!
  • Invoicing: YES!
  • Supplier Management: YES!
  • GST Management: YES!
  • Performance Report: YES!
  • Profit and lost Report: YES!

Yes, of course!! An extensive library of easy-to-follow demo videos will be provided. Also you will provide person-to-person technical training support service by our trainees.

NO. Technical support is included in your annual TraviYo Subscription

Absolutely, TraviYo is happy to help those of you who have special request. We are here to help you out according to the time and technical involvement needed for the feature to be added there, most likely will be a charge for that.

There are quite a few travel software providers out there, in fact we urge our clients to first compare us with other solutions on the market prior to purchasing the license. We offer highly competitive prices and a growing amount of features. The decision to work with us will depend on the nature of your business and your travel software technology needs.

Absolutely. We do maintain the proper privacy and maintain security of all your data, we do sign a NDA for same.

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